We lead, inspire and mentor women to embrace their power, purpose and value, and to take responsibility for their relationships.  We empower women to live the lives they love, igniting their passion to make a positive contribution in the world.

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The story of the Family of Women begins in 2000. It was then that we established ourselves as an independent organization committed to supporting women to have successful relationships. A fledgling group, we felt confident of our direction as we had a legacy which helped unify us across two countries. In the Family of Women we shared with each other and we learned to support each other in and out of program. This made the real difference in our lives. We helped each other become successful in our lives and in our relationships. The Family of Women became as much a focus as the Sterling Women’s Weekend, and it was time for the Family of Women to be self-governing and independent. Although some women chose to remain with the Sterling Institute of Relationship, many chose the opportunity to discover our own unique voice.

As with any new organization, we had a lot to learn and much work to do. We elected a Board of Trustees [which eventually became the Board of Directors as we came to better understand the laws governing a 501c(4) nonprofit organization] representing the women from four regions. As a 501(c)(4) organization, we were treated by the Internal Revenue Service as an exempt organization, meaning that we did not owe taxes on any revenue we derived in connection with our exempt purpose of supporting women to have successful relationships. Although we were formed as a exempt, nonprofit organization, we are considered a social welfare organization, not a charity and, as such, contributions made to our organization are not deductible for tax purposes. After our initial organization, the Board then interviewed and selected our first Executive Director, Roxann Amyotte from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We began to develop specialized programs beyond leadership training. We developed a Getting Ready Program for women who wanted to learn what they had to do in order to find and be ready for a long term committed relationship, and a Married Program for those who wanted guidance to ensure that their marriage would thrive over the years despite the challenges life posed.

Our Leadership Training program evolved and has become an intensive experience where women learn to draw on their feminine strengths to become leaders in the Family of Women and in their personal and work lives. An Essential Skills Training, another type of leadership training, was made available for women only or as a co-ed training organized jointly with a men’s organization, “MDI,” with which the Family of Women has an ongoing partnership.

The years of 2005 through 2008 were a time of great change. Under the guidance of the Board of Directors, our second Executive Director, Mary Ann Parrish, the International Team, and the Coordinators of the different geographic areas, we restructured into six territories.  Five of them, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, West, and Southwest cover the United States and Canada. The sixth, Long Stemmed Roses, is superimposed on the map and serves women who do not have enough involved women in their area to meet face-to-face and so they have their programs over the phone.

In 2007, the Family of Women created the highly successful Women's Discovery Weekend, based on all we have learned about teaching women how to have successful relationships. The Women's Discovery Weekend is a transformational weekend where a woman has the opportunity to, in the company of other women, understand the importance of self-acceptance, recognize how her past has impacted her present, experience the magic and growth opportunity of having women supporting her, and learn tools to claim responsibility for the success of her life.

More recently, we have simply become two Territories, the Eastern Territory and the New West Territory.  See our Regional Contacts page for connecting with women near you.


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