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Knowing My Purpose

Ok, so I had a light bulb moment the other day. I've been a member for almost 10 years, I've known my purpose for about 7 or 8 which is "I create a safe space for people to heal and receive love." The other day, someone dear to me was in crisis. I mean, really rough shape. We've all been there, we drop everything and focus on them, making sure that they are ok. What struck me was I wasn't in panic, I wasn't on an adrenaline rush, I wasn't just in "do-mode" only to crash later. I was just being my purpose, and I was being the best me I have ever seen. The light bulb that went off is this: all of my insecurities around being enough, doing enough, having enough that come and go, melted away and I knew that all that mattered was being my purpose. In those moments I realized that none of the other things matter or make me more or less valuable. It's my purpose that is my value. It's from my purpose I derive incredible joy & satisfaction. And if I have that, if I can be that and share that, then I'm doing my job in this life. Superwoman Complex Denied!

Madeleine Wade, Toronto

Epiphany - the Moss Covered Cobble Stone Path Emerged From the Fog

I joined the family of women last November and since then I have had the pleasure, nor privilege, to be a part of a group of women who have inspired me to be my true self. I have been striving to write a book for 7 years, piecing together bits here and there, not really seeing a clear path, or like walking around in a fog bumping into things that I "thought" were a "piece" to my puzzle. But then, over the last 12 months, the steps which have brought me to this point kept popping into place before my very eyes. It was like a cobble path started to emerge from under a band of fog and overhanging tree bough's. Large cobble stones covered in moss, exposed one by one as the fog streamed away and boughs swayed open. I got a life coach before I have my baby, I had my first AMAZING baby, he coaching led me to joining the family of women and several other local women's groups, and then one amazing LSR call - bam! I had one of the first MAJOR epiphanies of my life...it was there all along. Whoosh, the path was exposed! I just didn't see it for the trees and fog...So stay tuned ladies - and thank you my angels of the "Queen of Hearts"!

Crystal Waters, LSR - The Impeccables! Queens of Hearts 

New York Pitch Conference

It's been my lore am since I'm 8 years old to become a published author. I've been writing a mammoir entitled Life Behind Bras, and in late June, I attended a pitch conference that was produced by my agent. How do you like them apples? I have an agent. I presented my pitch, which evolved over a 4 day weekend. I was grouped with 16 women writers from all over the country!! We supported each other as we honed our pitches, encouraged each other as we waited for all to have their turn so we'd find out who the publishers picked. besides being a nerve wracking blast, 3 publishers (there were 4) requested my manuscript. My full participation in the FOW has helped me grow, and to have the Courage to Go FOR IT! I feel very blessed.

Lori Kaplan, Circle of Hearts

Just returned from an amazing trip to Ethiopia

My family and I were on a wonderful journey, we began with a family reunion in Italy and then moved on to Ethiopia to help bring clean water to thousands of children in Addis Ababa. We visited schools and orphanages that were potential sites. Watching my children interact with the children in Addis who are so desperate for education, food, water and clean living and learning spaces was so inspiring. My gratitude for the gifts and joy I have in my life has never been more profound.

Sari Lipitz, heart and Soul

Thriving Marriage

Through a difficult health issue with my husband of 17 yrs, i am managing to support him, remain true to myself and keep our relationship healthy and happy. Not easy but thanks to the FOW, i now have the TOOLS! 

Judi Semel

Mentorship success - goes to action 

I am grateful to my FOW mentor as my weekly calls with her reminded me how I had held my own success back - resisting to make my difference. I was mentored compassionately and to the point. In that time, I took an FOW leadership role and then the Leadership Training and now I no longer hold back. 
I am now excited, alleviated, and light as I shine at work and in my private life. 
I am spreading my wings and flying ....its great! 

My web-based coaching business is in full bloom developing and being implemented nicely. 

Have a look: Vanessa Wiebel .com

Vanessa Wiebel, Sea to Sky area ( Vancouver, BC) 

A member since 1986

WOW! This year is my 28th anniversary of FOW membership. I am blessed with the many women who hold my dreams and goals in their hearts, and keep me on my path to life success. I am so grateful!

Roxann Amyotte, Heart & Soul

Completing my Performance Improvement Advisor Course

I was nominated to become an improvement advisor for the health care system I work for (Kaiser). I just finished my 2nd week of training -- now I get to complete my Improvement Advisor Project, submit it successfully & I can add \"Improvement Advisor\" to my title!!! I know that my membership in the FOW continue to have me trust in myself & be willing to RISK BIG!!!

Lynn Lyons, Possibility

a fun, love filled vacation

we just spent a week with my hubby family - i had fun while pushing myself physically - in full self acceptance, love and gratitude for all of who i was with. meanwhile back at home the women in my program and on my leadership team held my vision and cheered me on!!!

Janis Stob, possibility

Wonderful Abundance!!

I attribute this to the previous program as my financial situation changed greatly and when one door (contract) closes another one opens really quickly!

Donna Bird, Heart and Soul

I got my first rejection letter!

My goal this cycle is to pitch my Mammoir to several publishers at a pitch conference the end of this month, and to start submitting short essays for publication to magazines and e-zines. Without \"my\" women to support me to pursue my lifelong dream of being a published author, I never would have submitted my work. Though I received a rejection letter, I am proud that I followed through with my action steps, and submitted it. Thanks to the FOW, I have learned how to accept feedback, even rejection, in a more gracious manner. 

Lori Kaplan, Circle of hearts

A job well done

I worked for months on an auction for my daughters school. Several women from my program supported and even volunteered to help with the event. We exceeded our goals and felt very well taken care of by our FOW community. Over the years I have learned to ask clearly and confidently for what I need . This was a big part of my success at this event.

Sari Lipitz, Heart and Soul

Excited to be joining FOW!

Today I was supported by an amazing FOW leader, Lila Grant, who inspired me to own being amazing woman myself. Just joined and looking forward to meeting everyone ! 

Laurie Libby, Southwest

New Member - Laurie Libby <3

Just supported my friend Laurie Libby to join online as a new member!!!

Lila Grant, Southwest

Celebrating 20 years in the FOW!

In June I celebrated twenty years of continuous membership in this wonderful organization! I want to share my deepest appreciation to all of the incredible women I have met on this journey and look forward to many, many more years of sharing our lives and successes!

Sue Barber, Long Stemmed Roses


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