We lead, inspire and mentor women to embrace their power, purpose and value, and to take responsibility for their relationships.  We empower women to live the lives they love, igniting their passion to make a positive contribution in the world.

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1. Maintenance of Website Content

In order that the site serves as a reliable resource for members, prospective members, and the public, it must contain timely and relevant information. Persons wishing to post announcements on the home page or other portions of the website should submit their request by email to the appropriate website contact as defined in the Website Content Submittal Procedure, or use the submission form provided on the website. The Webmaster oversees the schedule and priority of postings, and submissions may be edited for space, language, copyright, or confidentiality reasons.

2. Requirements for Posting Content

All pages on the Family of Women website must comply with the following requirements:

a)     All content must be reviewed by at least "two sets of eyes" before being submitted for posting.

b)     To enable a faster downloading time, photographs should be limited to 72 dpi. Larger photos submitted may be edited to comply with this requirement.

c)     Links to external sites must open in a new window and will only be published if reviewers agree that they are in alliance with the Mission and Standards of the Family of Women.

d)     Files and video content for download must be under 20 MB in size and 10 minutes in viewing length (where applicable).

It is important to remember that, as in the case of anything else on the website, photography, audio, and video clips represent the Family of Women. Video which is inappropriate in content, blurry, unsteady, or difficult to view will not be posted. Audio that is difficult to hear or inappropriate in content will not be posted. In order to be useful and convenient to the user, all files posted must conform to the Requirements for Posting above. Content must be of a nature as to speak to unique aspects of the Family of Women, and in alliance with our Mission, Core Values, and Standards.

Video or audio files posted on the Family of Women website must also adhere to Website Copyright and Confidentiality Requirements. Proper written permission from those who have been audio- and / or video-recorded must be obtained by the person or persons doing the recording using the “Photo/Audio/Video Release Form” available in the Forms folder in the website Library section, and must be submitted along with the video/audio file. Final discretion as to whether a media file is placed on the Family of Women website rests with the Webmaster.

3. Appropriate Content

Proposed content for the Family of Women website must satisfy the following criteria:

a)     Content represents information and activities of the Family of Women and/or any of its local territories, chapters, or areas.

b)     Any event posting or article soliciting a response must include start and end date(s) and time(s), contact person name and contact details, location details (if appropriate), and specifics of the action requested (e.g. if a for-fee event, the cost must be specified).

c)     If not directly associated with Family of Women activities, the content or event must adhere to the Affiliations Policy, be in alliance with the Core Values, Mission, and Standards of the Family of Women, and have approval of the Board of Directors. 

d)     Intended audience for the content (public, members only, subset of membership) must be specified with the submission.

e)     Educational articles must adhere to the Affiliations Policy, be based on or aligned with Family of Women technology, Mission, Standards & Core Values, and be reviewed & approved by the Program Development Collaboration Team (PDCT).

f)      Proposed content must adhere to the Website Content Submission Procedure and have appropriate approvals in place.

4. Confidentiality

The Family of Women website includes access controls restricting confidential content to use by current dues-paid members only. Membership profiles include optional privacy controls for inclusion of contact information in rosters. Personal contact information for members, including home and email addresses, telephone numbers, and other information that could be used by unauthorized individuals, will not be published in the public section of the Family of Women website without approval of the member (e.g. Leadership contacts). Roster information obtained through membership access to the website is to be used for internal Family of Women business only and may never be distributed to third parties.

Participation in Family of Women events and activities is considered confidential information. Content submitted for publication to the Family of Women website must adhere to these confidentiality guidelines. Any names and/or likenesses of Family of Women members may be published only with the appropriate permissions as described in the Copyright section below. 

5. Copyright

Posting or providing access to material that violates the copyrights of others is prohibited. No copyrighted materials may be posted anywhere on the Family of Women website without the written authorization of the copyright owner. Knowingly providing links to websites that contain pirated materials is also prohibited. Anyone wishing to assert his or her copyright to original materials that he or she has voluntarily placed on the Family of Women website may include the following on the first page of the materials: "Copyright © [year] [name]."

All material posted on the Family of Women website is considered copyright of the Family of Women with effective date as the date of publication stored in our content database unless specifically designated otherwise as described above. No content from our website may be reproduced either electronically or in print without written permission and proper attribution.

Questions about copyright and/or claims of copyright infringement should be directed to the Webmaster .

Any photographs/audio/video to be included with submitted content must be accompanied by appropriate evidence of ownership and permission to post. This may be:

a)   (If your own material) a photo/audio/video release form from each member or former member who is recognizably depicted in the photo (backs of heads & obscured faces are exempt from this requirement).

b)   A purchased license to use the photograph/audio/video in digital media (in the case of commercial photography).

c)    A statement from the photographer/producer indicating that no fees are required for use of the material (in the case of a media donation).

d)   Identified source of the photo/audio/video as free stock media (download URL indicating no fee, or screenshot of this information). 

6. Advertising

Unless approved by the Family of Women Board of Directors, the advertising or direct sale of goods and services is prohibited on the Family of Women website.

It is the policy of the Family of Women to not link to websites that are of a commercial or political nature. Exceptions to this policy do happen. Links to sites that further the mission of the organization are permitted. Links to Family of Women affiliated social networks are  permitted. All links are reviewed by the  Webmaster.

The Family of Women utilizes the following Acceptable Link Criteria:

a)     Link must further the mission of the Family of Women as described above.

b)     Link must be directly relevant to the context/purpose of the article linked from.

c)     Any external link must supplement or extend the meaning or purpose of the article linked from with appropriate content that is not available from within the Family of Women website.

d)     Link must be reviewed and approved by the Webmaster.

e)     Links found to contain or redirect to inappropriate content will be summarily removed.

7. Partnerships—Posting of Company Names, Logos, and URLs

Only Family of Women related logos are allowed on Family of Women Home Page.

The following service providers have been approved and it is acceptable to link to these services from our website.

a)     PayPal

b)     Authorize.net

c)     OpenStreetMap, MapQuest & Google Maps 

In general, no external logos will be posted on the Family of Women website. Exceptions to this will be considered on an individual basis according to the acceptable link guidelines.

Where deemed appropriate, particularly in conjunction with charitable service campaigns, the Family of Women website may include logos of the beneficiary charities or partner organizations with which we are conducting charitable or community service work. Such inclusion of logos does not imply endorsement of that organization’s views, mission,or activities, except as related to the specific project.

8. Acceptable Use

The Family of Women has adopted and enforces the standards set forth in this Website Policy for materials posted on its website. The Family of Women reserves the right to remove or disable access to material that violates its acceptable use policies. However, the Family of Women does not assume any responsibility or liability for content provided by others, including content provided by members on their own personal web pages, nor does the Family of Women assume any liability or responsibility for damages incurred through its failure to enforce the acceptable use standards as set forth herein.

9. Contact

Please direct questions about this Website Policy to the Family of Women Webmaster .

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